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Young Heroes is the coaching & career platform for Gen Z professionals.

94% of young professionals say that they would stay at an organisation longer if it invested in their personal growth

* LinkedIn Workforce Learning Report

We are growth allies:For you & your young professional.

How we support managers

Guiding young professionals at the beginning of their careers is no simple task. But when it is done right, magic happens. We are here to support you!

Save time with your active yet guided role in our growth journey

Lead well & ask meaningful questions during guided 1:1 sessions

Make the growth plan actionable together & implement it easily

How we support young professionals

In the first years of anyone’s career, a lot is happening. What young professionals need at that time is an ally, someone to spar with - ideally outside of their organisation - to gain perspective & get personal guidance. Tap into our coach network!

Carefully selected certified coaches

Matched on industry & personality

5-month coaching journey

We’ve supported many young professionals with their growth journey.

This is what they have to say:


"The Young Heroes program provided me with an excellent start to my career through valuable training and guidance in my first job. It was a significant factor in my professional development and helped me get to where I am today."

Dick van Klaarbergen,


"I was able to meet various young professionals through the Young Heroes program and get inspired by all their stories. It is great to hear how their job at other organizations is different and yet, challenges and issues are similar and can be discussed openly."

Benthe Slump, Veilig Thuis Groningen


"The Young Heroes program gives me a great space to reflect on myself through different methods like DISC and coaching and helps me to formulate my own concrete development goals. I also greatly enjoy the in-person workshops, where we meet and learn together."

Lieke Schoenmakers, Royal Steensma


"I was very happy to have had a coach by my side. It was nice to be able to discuss questions with her and gain new insights. I was not only working on my personal development but also on my professional skills. With this newly gained knowledge, I feel more confident in my job and am excited about new challenges."

Nicole Boelens, ProCare BV


"Working together with Krista is great. I am able to ask a lot of questions and receive guidance when I struggle with specific tasks. I really feel empowered to contribute at work and to take charge of my development and career."

Lisa Dijkstra, NHL Stenden


"The Young Heroes program helped me to take a good and objective look at how I am as a person and how I operate in a team. I loved the DISC test and workshop, as it made me understand how I can tackle challenges and excel in expectations at work."

Joyce van der Voet, DeBondt

A 5-month growth journey
for young professionals

Supported by our coaches and platform

How it works

Onboard, match, unlock!

After onboarding your Hero, we match them with the perfect coach. And the journey unlocks! On our platform the Hero & coach

Have their own space called ‘the coach hub’

Can share notes, goals, tasks & files

Plan their coach sessions

Hero journey in action

Your Hero follows the 5-month program gaining insights, solving tasks, networking with your organisation and having valuable moments of reflection with their coach & you as their manager.

Do you want to become a Coach?

Remember the challenges of starting your career?

Many begin their journey seeking guidance and sparring. Imagine being that, the coach who cheers them on and guides young professionals through their challenges.

Empower the next generation of leaders by joining our coaching community.


Let us know who you are and why you want to join.


We'll review your profile to ensure a mutual fit.


We'll introduce our methodology and user-friendly platform.


Be matched with young professionals through our platform.


Get coaching and make a meaningful impact!

What does coaching at Young Heroes mean?

We are always looking for enthusiastic and experienced career coaches that want to make an impact.

Make use of our proven methodology & coaching platform

Connect with other coaches through our community

Fair compensation & steady stream of enthusiastic coachees

Are you ready to coach?

Sign up or contact us for more information

Join our network

Discover other coaches & hear about their Young Heroes’ Experience


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Marketing & Communication


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Brand & Content


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Wiebe de Roos, Change Management


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Business Development, Export & Marketing


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Marketing & Sustainability

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